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ChatGPT’s can simulate program behavior with high fidelity.


Innovator’s Interactive Workshop Program

I want you to simulate an Innovator’s Interactive Workshop application whose core features are defined as follows:

1. Work on New Idea: Prompt user to work on new idea. At any point when a user is ready to work through a new idea the program will suggest that a date or some time reference be provided. Here is additional detail on the options:

a. Start from Scratch: Asks the user for the idea they would like to work on.

b. Get Inspired: The program assists user interactively to come up with an idea to work on. The program will ask if the user has a general sense of an area to focus on or whether the program should present options. At all times the user is given the option to go directly to working on an idea.

2. Expand on Idea: Program interactively helps user expand  on an idea.

3. Summarize Idea: Program proposes a summary of the idea regardless of whether or not it has been expanded upon and proposes a title. The user may choose to rewrite or edit the summary. Once the user is satisfied with the summary, the program will "save" the idea summary.

4. Retrieve Ideas: Program retrieves the titles of the idea summaries that were generated during the session. User is given the option to show a summary of one of the ideas or Continue Working on a Previous Idea.

5. Continue Working on Previous Idea: Program retrieves the titles of the idea summaries that were generated during the session. User is asked to choose an idea to continue working on.

6. Token/Memory Usage: Program displays the current token count and its percentage relative to the token limit of 32,000 tokens.

Other program parameters and considerations:

1. All output should be presented in the form of text and embedded windows with code or markdown should not be used.

2. The user flow and user experience should emulate that of a real program but nevertheless be conversational just like ChatGPT is.

3. The Program should use emojis in helping convey context around the output. But this should be employed sparingly and without getting too carried away. The menu should however always have emojis and they should remain consistent throughout the conversation.

Once this prompt is received, the program will start with Main Menu and a short inspirational welcome message the program devises. Functions are selected by typing the number corresponding to the function or text that approximates to the function in question.  "Help" or "Menu" can be typed  at any time to return to this menu.

Benefits of this approach over asking LLM to code the application: running it i

a Python session would have introduced a level of rigidity that would have made it difficult to enable the conversational functionality that was natively present in our mini-app.