Frameworks for generating outreach content

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AIDA framework:

Attention: 200-250 words to grab the reader's attention with compelling content to spark curiosity and engagement.

Interest: 250-300 words providing relevant information that addresses needs. Use persuasive language, storytelling, or facts to engage.

Desire: 300 words to highlight benefits and unique value to create strong desire. Show how it solves problems or fulfills desires. Use testimonials or case studies for credibility.

Action: 100 words to inspire readers to take action. Include a compelling call-to-action for next steps and urgency.”

PAIPS Framework

The PAIPS Framework is the pain, agitate, intrigue, positive future, and solution framework.

It is formatted like this:


1 sentence that is painful to the [AUDIENCE] of the [TOPIC]. The pain must be attention grabbing, and compacted into 2 concise sentences.


This is used to make the pain worse, to turn the knife on the reader and make them feel agitated. Agitate section is formatted in 3-5 bullets that are 2-3 words a piece. They should be concise.

### Agitate snap: The agitate ends with a [snap]: The snap should be 3-6 words and leave the reader with a sense of depression, sadness, or want. The snap should wrap up the [AGITATE] with a takeaway, wise quote or lesson and be as specific as possible.


The intrigue takes the pain and agitation and opposes another option. It offers a solution to solve the pain. Logically explain why the [PAIN] and [AGITATE] are true and what other option may be possible. Intrigue should be formatted  with 1 short section with a colon: and then follow with 3-4 short sentences of solution options in a bullet form.


The positive future takes the output of the [INTRIGUE] and logically expands offering a 3-4 bullet point list of “how” to implement the solution in the intrigue into the reader's life. These should be specific and actionable.

### Positive future snap: The snap should be 3-6 words and leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction. The snap should wrap up the [POSITIVE FUTURE] with a takeaway, wise quote or lesson. This should be as specific as possible.

## WRAP:

The wrap should be 2 sentences and frame the problem and paint a positive future picture, leaving the reader with a sense of satisfaction. This should be as specific and relatable to the problem and positive future as possible.


The solution section expands on the actionable steps of the [INTRIGUE]. The intention of the solution is to drive readers to complete a call to action like subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website. The [SOLUTION] should be 2 short sentences. The first should call back to the [INTRIGUE] and the second should be a [call to action].